Now is the time to buy Monmouth County Real Estate

July 17, 2017

Morning Sky¬†After many years with a rather sour market, things turned around drastically this year. Every home probably has several buyer’s as the inventory is low and the buyer’s are plentiful. We finally exited the doldrums of the meltdown of the financial market back in 2008. It took may years to make a come back but I think we are there now.

Now don’t start thinking you home is up in value 25%, that is not the case. However we are seeing normal appreciation and homes selling quickly. So much depends on the condition of your home. The home with the new kitchen and baths and a sturdy roof are always going to be more attractive to a buyer than a fixer upper. However they both will sell, just not at the same price.

If you are interested in selling and would like to know how to make small improvements, or if you just want to sell you home as is, please call me and we can discuss the value of your home in today’s market.

There are still many homes that are “under water” and it will probably take a couple more years to clear out all the impending foreclosures. Hopefully we will stay on track with a strong seller’s market, but one that is not unreasonable.

Call me on 732-763 2284 if I can help you buy or sell real estate.

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